natural hair

Natural Hair Specialist

We understand how challenging it can be to find a stylist that knows the ins and outs of natural hair. Our natural hair specialist can help you maintain the beauty of your hair while also giving you lots of options for different styles.


The strand twist is a protective style that helps to lock in moisture. Paired with lower maintenance needs, this equals less breakage in your hair over time. They're also lightweight and don't add extra tension to your hair - a win-win. Sections of strand twists can range in size, and when you're ready to let them out, the twist out style is a beautiful transitional look you can wear until your next hair session.


Finger waves are a classic look that is still relevant today. While it usually works best with relaxed or fine-textured hair, there are still ways for different hair types to wear this style. For those naturalistas who want to try something completely different, then a silk press may be right for you. A silk press utilizes a blow dryer and flat iron to create smooth, shining locks.


No matter what style you want or for a change of pace, Ahnnie Sanni's Hair Spot is here for you in Sandy Springs, GA.