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Loc Specialist

If you've decided that you want to have locs, you likely already know that it is not only a hairstyle but a process. At Ahnnie Sanni's Hair Spot, we're a loc specialist that can help you with loc maintenance or if you're just getting started.


As an organic natural loc specialist, we can assist with the multiple stages involved with locs. The starter loc stage is often one of the more frustrating steps in the process, as ensuring the locs stay locked can be difficult. After a few months, you may also want to come in for occasional loc maintenance sessions to ensure that your hair stays healthy throughout the process. As part of maintenance, a loc retwist session will combine new hair growth with your existing locs to keep them going. It's also a good idea to have a loc detox done once or twice a year. This customized service helps to remove the type of buildup you may have based on the age of your locs and your lifestyle.


Finally, if you want to rock the loc hairstyle but don't have the time or commitment to the long process, we also offer loc installations. They're a great way to "try out" locs and still have the opportunity to move on to a different style if you want. Visit Ahnnie Sanni's Hair Spot in Sandy Springs, GA, and see how we can help you in your loc journey!