child hair braiding

Children's Hair Braider

If you have little ones whose hair needs help, then you've come to the right place. We're a children's hair braider that can give you a break from working on their hair while you relax and have yours done as well.


At Ahnnie Sanni's Hair Spot, we understand that children often don't have the patience that adults do to have their hair properly done. That's why we're a quick braider that can still give your child a fantastic hairstyle that can hold up to all the multiple activities that kids love to do. Our warmth and friendliness can help make the braiding process easier on kids while they're in the chair for their hair session.


We also offer children's locs maintenance to take care of younger heads. Locs, in general, is a time-consuming process that not every individual has the perseverance to weather while they wait for them to mature. Bringing your child in for regular loc maintenance can ease the impatience that they might have while keeping their scalp and strands healthy.


Bring in your family to Ahnnie Sanni's Hair Spot today in Sandy Springs, GA, and find out more about how we can take care of everyone's hair - young and old alike.