Girl with Micro Braids

Braiding Specialist

One of the best things about hair is the endless styles you can do to fit your mood or lifestyle. When you come to Ahnnie Sanni's Hair Spot, you'll have access to a braiding specialist that offers multiple braiding styles, whether you want something glamorous, low-key, or anything in between.


Box braids are a fantastic protective hairstyle that is known for its relatively easy maintenance. While initial installation may take some time, box braids are long-lasting and allow for different styling methods. A variation on box braids are knotless braids - the difference being that this style utilizes a feed-in braiding technique for a flatter appearance and less weight on the scalp.


Cornrows are another popular style, but with braids installed close to the scalp. With cornrows, you can wear them as-is while still having access to multiple other types of styling and additions, such as short crochet styles, to make the look your own. There are so many beautiful and versatile ways to wear your hair - let the professionals at Ahnnie Sanni's Hair Spot bring them to life for you. We're ready to help you achieve your hair dreams in Sandy Springs, GA, so call us today to book an appointment.